Caregiver Support Group

The Caregiver Support Group meets the last Monday of each month for a potluck lunch from noon until 2:00 p.m. in Stevenson Hall at Faith Presbyterian Church.  All caregivers in our community and those that are in your care are invited to attend.

It's not easy to be a family caregiver at best. Often, for older members of a family, it's a real struggle. Sometimes, an older spouse may be battling to care for a husband or wife with dementia. Or a worried adult child might be worrying about how to intervene to help a parent.

All of these issues and many more can be discussed at the Caregiver Support Group. Anyone interested in the issues of caregiving is welcome, whether or not you are a family or professional caregiver.

“In America today,” says Facilitator Frena Gray-Davidson, “Many people are becoming caregivers. Like it or not, they are coping with the changing life and condition of their own family members. Often neighbors are helping neighbors with caregiving. It’s not easy and there are often issues, feelings and dilemmas people don’t know how to solve. In a confidential group setting, with people who share the journey, a lot of problems can be helped. And a lot of heavy hearts can go away quite a bit lighter.”

Gray-Davidson has been an Alzheimer’s caregiver for nearly twenty years. She is the author of five books on caregiving, has a small care home in Bisbee and gives caregiver workshops nationally and internationally.

“Everyone is welcome,” says Gray-Davidson. “The support group is free and, believe it or not, fun will be had.”

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